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Roter Lotus (Red Lotus)

Roter Lotus

Soname is working with the charity Roter Lotus. Roter Lotus aims to set up a hospital in India. The hospital is called Gyuto Tantric University Hospital and was founded by Dr. Hedda and Dr. Claus Blumenroth with the support of HH the Karmapa and HH the Dalai Lama. Hedda and Claus have retired from their medical careers in Germany and as well as having donated all their medical equipment, they have invested £45,000 of their own money.

The hospital is not only for Tibetans, it is for Hindus, Muslims, homeless people and anybody else in need. Originally the hospital was planned to be set up in Tibet, but unfortunately due to Chinese bureaucracy this was too difficult.

Soname would like to invite people to participate, volunteering their help and working at the hospital. Volunteers will be able to enjoy a working holiday in the region of Dharamsala.The hospital is located in a clean, quiet and beautiful part of Dharamsala surrounded by mountains.

Soname hopes to honour all donors by adding their name, surname, country and donation to a plaque at the hospital.


Urgent Appeal for Support

Roter Lotus urgently needs to raise £400,000 to build the hospital before Monsoon season, as the equipment is very sensitive and needs to be stored properly during the rainy season to ensure it is not damaged by the damp. So if you can support the project please visit or send an email to Soname.

A Much Needed Hospital for Dharamsala, India

Help us Make a Difference to More than One

Maggie's Dreamcatcher Dharamsala Hospital Project Inc. (MDDHPI) has been formed for the sole purpose of assisting with the formation of better health care in Dharamsala in India and to aid in the supply of volunteer doctors and health workers. Our aim is to supply a high standard medical clinic/hospital on the land within the Gyuto Monastery in Dharamsala. Your support will help us reduce the suffering for the people of Himachal Pradesh in Northern India, through funding to assist in providing improved qualified medical care.

Soname is grateful to the many people from Switzerland and Germany who have donated money and supported Roter Lotus during her tour of these countries.